Indian perspective, the old way.

What it means to be an Indian?

1) It means you are a descendant of Sita( not your neighbour) who knew the science of electromagnetism involved in Shiva’s dhanush and used it to check the IQ level of her suitor who could lift the dhanush only by disabling the field. (Sita’s swayamvar and the Shiva’s dhanush)

2) It means you are a rival of the great engineer Raavan who was so skilled, as to have his own vimaan, and an airport as well. (Raavan and his pushpak vimaan)

3) It means you worship the great scientist Shiva, whose expertise was electicity and magnetism and who could design a cylinder(his shivling) which generates great magnetic fields when in direct contact with the earth surface.(Shiva giving his shivling to Raavan in return to the great tap done by latter which could make him undefeatable, if situated in Lanka)

4) It means your country once used to have such powerful, handy missiles which could be shot by a bow and cause blasts on the destination.

5) It means you should carry the scientific heritage forward which includes the pumice stone built_walkable Ram Setu.
We waste our time denying possibilities. If believing  them could make us progress, why not take them and try to realise the improbable!? J


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