Are you?

Exams going on. And here I am, jotting down my recitals from lullabies I was sung as a kid. This isn’t my fault! It’s the way God created humans. Whenever we have a task we are supposed to follow sincerely in front of us, our mind wanders in all possible directions. Like I started writing this blog for a reason and I am swaying all over the space in place of writing what I wanted to!
Even after all this crazy, stupid talk, if you are bothering yourself in reading this along, kudos! 🙂

When I was a kid, I was recited a beautiful story by a very special person, which I remember exactly as I was told. Walking down the memory lane, as I found myself climbing these wheels, I thought of parking them here. It’s a story of two innocent but fighting school kids, one rich and the other average.

It was lunch hour and kids were wandering. Two such kids intersected each other’s path.

Rich kid to average one: “Get away!”

Average kid: “You came in my way. Why should I?”

Rich kid: “Do you know who I am? How dare you? You poor, backward, flunked nobody!”

Average kid: “Your father owns a showroom ,mine is a serviceman. Yet, you are studying in the same damn school as mine. Are you forward or I am? You are awarded grade ‘B’ in every subject, in every class and I am awarded scholarship from the same institute. Are you smarter or I am? You borrow a lift from your dad every day on your way to school and I bought my own pair of wheels with the money I received. Are you mightier or I am? Ten years from now, jobless you will be fighting with your siblings over a showroom ownership issue, and I’ ll be inaugurating third outlet of my retail chain. Will you be flunked or I will be? It has been ten long minutes and my words are flowing freely while you, dumbstruck, are collecting them in the empty vessel of your brain. Are you richer? or you have lost your words already?


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