“Who is your idol?”

I have had long, tough moments whenever anybody would ask, “Who is your idol?” I couldn’t name anyone. That was because people wanted to know who I wanted to become like. And, I don’t want to become ‘like’ anyone. But, that doesn’t stop me from revering people as my idol.

And, I can name one for sure today.

That name would be Rekha.

Courtesy to the original photographer.

I haven’t felt that light-on-feet, profound love yet. But, that is one thing I want to do once in my life. This, I feel, is because of my perception of Rekha.

Today, I believe, Money is important. Success is important. Love is not important. But love can take you beyond the realms of ‘needing’ those important things in life.

There is nothing better and nothing worse than spending your life in anticipation of that which is yours. Because aim is what drives a life. And this very aim is achieved, yet unrequited.


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