The problem with the current society in India

Today, we have numerous NGO’s working in India for the betterment of perception of women. And there are movies made, dharnas held, silent protests and online wake-up calls to make people realise the small mindedness of their thoughts about women. But after years of head-banging and troubles taken, the tectonic plate slides by a millimeter.

Any other day, I would say that this slide is better than an unchanging scenario. But not today. Not on the day when a rapist could blame a victim for her sufferings even after heaves of brain and social storm on the case. Today, I find it very frustrating to find a plausible explanation to why some of our country people (I am not saying men here, mind it. ) don’t find it necessary to listen to what is being put forward. Why do they fail to listen to any change of thought we want to instill in them? Why is everything falling on deaf ears?

I am not targeting a specific section of society here. I know when I talk about sexual discrimination in front of my father, he is visible uncomfortable. Part of it is the reason that he has been at fault himself at some point of time, part of it is the reason that he thinks he shouldn’t be listening to and in turn promote this ‘revolutionary streak’ in me.
Whenever I talk about sexual inequality at my workplace, there are always some men who are uncomfortable with the topic or some women who are downright disinterested in anything ‘not fun’ being a topic of discussion and vice versa. People point out, ‘Is there something of a national issue we can discuss? You see, talking about office and people is so down market.’

In all, people think this issue should only be discussed when we have a microphone in hand and a debate is going on or when we come across a new, fresh crime in news and our thoughts on it will be making a difference on the same. I am not disputing that. No. That is true. Your thoughts matter on any issue. But not only when the issue takes place. But before and after that too.

Everyone dreams of lying in their lover’s arms and watch Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai until there is a fire in the theatre. There is no fault in doing that. All I am saying is, if each one of us make it a habit to condone the throwing of lit cigarettes at wrong places and look out for it in their way, we could minimise the risk of fire accident by a substantial amount.


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