Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus – smallest edition


I’ve always wondered about the smug faces of the boys achieving something great when their current favourite girl is around – the boy who she could’ve been with but alas for her bad judgment. Atleast that’s what they seem to think in my honest opinion.


And this is not another guy-girl rant – oh, please warn me before I take you to the hideous territory – this is just a piece of experienced observation – observation about a relationship failed or even an attempt to relationship failed. For when it breaks, boys get into this inner monologue of what could’ve went wrong and what better could she find elsewhere? ’cause they were the finest and the best she could get. Going further, when they achieve something great before her eyes, they think she must be regretting for the miss she made.

If only the girls thought the same thing, there won’t be any need for this piece of awakening. Or there won’t be the breakups, probably? Who knows about the alterior universe. Because what seems to happen now is that the girls simply feel it wasn’t meant to be. And try to move on. Because they were together only because their togetherness had some meaning and when the meaning stops to be important, they don’t see a reason for the reconciliation once all is said and done. Regardless of what their heart feels.


So, naturally, when the guy achieves something great, it is only happiness from the girl. Or disinterest. It is not a moment of repentance – and it does not matter if we want her to repent. But damn, girl. The guy is still there, wondering why it wasn’t enough.


Coming to think of it, this might be just a personality trait and people of both sexes could fall into either of them (Voila, myths busted). Only that I have found the guys around me to be like that because I am the girl I described.


In the end, we might have some higher thoughts regarding the relationships we are or aren’t in but in the end, it boils down to just one reason – biology. Because, Darwin.


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