Thank you for trending #NotAllMen.

We all know about the saying that nothing can go further wrong once everything is in deep shit already. Now, that is not a quote per se, but an apt translation in a language we can grasp instantly today. So, yes. There is no better time to be optimistic than when there is nothing to be pessimistic about anymore. And that is what has happened with the Feminist movement in India these days. The condition is already so deplorable that try any underhanded or misguided attempt, and it will backfire. As did the #NotAllMen trend.
But, yes. Thank you to the trend. It has made it easier to explain what an hour long discussions couldn’t resolve earlier. And with that discussion, I mean the one upon the futility of this argument of ‘not all men’. We all have to agree, this was the most argued point men of the ‘mankind’ sex loved to bring about. Because the harassment of men upon false dowry cases and false rape charges are an important step towards seeking a feminist world ‘as we feminists define it to be’. And yes, it is. I am never denying that. But what I am denying is giving the argument an upper hand every time a feminist discussion is on the table only because ‘feminists want equalism, no?’.

Because we are never denying that false charges are not wrong. But ignoring everything else in a situation so deplorable when every woman, every girl undergoes some sort of sexual harassment even before turning into an adult to point out the helplessness of the men who are wrongly accused of rape is like saying that all blacks and their conditions should have been ignored because some of them might have been thieves.

Because in today’s rational world, in an intelligent lunch table discussion, when a guy talks about the girls he ‘missed’ at college who turned into ‘bombshells’ later is a ‘locker-room banter’ but when a girl talks about a guy who turned into a big shot later, she is deemed money-minded and shrewd.

Because in an intelligent, equalist world, it is ok for a guy to pass a sexist comment because ‘everyone is learning and we were reared in a sexist society’ but a girl should condemn all sexist activities because otherwise she doesn’t deserve equality and she climbed down from Mars.

Thank you, The Trending Hashtag, for making our hearts lighter and out discussions more lunch table friendly. Because we don’t want anybody to move out of the table. That’ll completely defeat the purpose.


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