The best trick in the world to avoid pain caused through high heels

Needless to say, this article is for the information of girls but in case a guy has strolled in, please read out the rest. Now, I don’t mean to be sexist when I earmark this for girls. I am just sorting out the normal trend. For reference, here is the search result relating women and high heels and here is the one linking men and heels. While the search results for women lead us to articles like ‘why powerful women wear high heels’, the latter leads us to ‘science proves that heels have power over men’. Which makes me ponder, do we have to have power over men to be powerful? What about the women of the world? Nevertheless, one crucial point at a time. Phew.

Last year, we had a group of sessions conducted at office to ‘enhance our skills’  at communication – with our managers, with our colleagues or with our customers. And what evidently follows was a presentation-of-sorts to be given by all participants about a topic wildly of their choice. A guy in the team chose to speak over ‘girls and high-heels’ and this was what he said (or tried to convey, at least)- Not all pains are bad. Some pains give more pleasure once we are past the pain. Like a girl wearing a pair of heels. She might be in endless pain but at the end of the day, she looks sexy wearing it. So, end justifies the means. And while I understood what he tried to say, I still have a problem with it. Why go through so much pain? What could two inches of added heel possibly add what 5 feet of natural couldn’t? There is a place to wear stilts to show how well-balanced you are and that is this:


This, on the other hand, is useless:


Let’s remember one thing: the only thing we get out of pain is pain. There is no greatness in being a silent survivor and when what we struck upon ourselves is our own deed. Trying to prove yourself as a great administrator by how awesome you clean a room is worthless. Showing your power with a pair of heels in worthless. Let’s do something worthwhile.

And to  make an exemplary note, I remember and incident my father once told me:

When we were Junior Engineers and we transferred to a department for making barren lands fertile, we had an Executive Engineer as our boss who was extremely small, about 5′. We formed a preconceived notion that he will be gullible and it would be easy for us to have our way. The first meeting we had with him, we were awestruck with the dignified presence he had wherever he went. No one dared to take him lightly and his words were always final because he never made any decision thoughtlessly. He was a guy we learnt most from, in our entire tenure as JE’s. There are very few people whose presence I remember from my entire job-life and that presence of 5′ is one of them.

Let’s try to count just how many personalities with heels do we remember from our personal lifetimes.


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