Har ghar kuch kehta hai..

How many of us remember this ad? Har ghar kuch kehta hai, ki iske andar kaun rehta hai! My home talks of changing lives, of working kids, of parents striving to keep kids together, and of a nuclear family which managed to do pretty well in the changing times on India. The home I currently live in talks of lavish investments, of owners living abroad and of lives alone, in faraway metro-land.

Going deeper, my district home talks of poverty, rusticness, close knit families and some more. My temporary-current district home talks in the loudest tone in India. What did we expect – everyone has heard how Haryana talks. This is about another of the anecdotes Gurgaon has shared with me in the little time I have spent here.

When my parents planned to buy a home, they pondered upon some important aspects – the affordability, the reach-ability to important places in the city namely airports and stations, the society around the place and maybe some more. When I planned to shift my home, I thought this: I have to shift because of my job and I have to take up this job because. And three years hence, I am wondering, what amenities did I check before making my decision? When we plan to buy a home, we seek a non-haunted, safe place we would want to come back to. But the home I am living in is severely haunted – I have been stalked with a Scorpio if I could be seen standing from the main road. I have been scared the shit out of myself and so many of my friends upon the fear of not returning back, home. And now, I am thinking, how rational have I been in the first decision I took as an adult?

Now, I am thinking that my father would have tackled any nuisance I faced as a child, he would shift between cities to make sure I am safe and now, what the f*ck am I doing in Gurgaon? Why am I playing pseudo-brave trying to fight the ghosts no ghost-buster is able to tackle? I was never this pseudo-daring come-what-may girl. I have always changed my way upon finding a mountain standing in front of me. And I am comfortable doing that. And I am hating this new avatar I am trying to stuff myself in.

Ab waqt hai ghar badalne ka. Kyunki har ghar kuch kehta hai, ki iske andar kaun rehta hai.


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