What does the song make you feel? – Dum dum (Punjabi Version) – Phillauri by Romy

Without much introduction, this is a new category I am starting in which I will try to update my feels for the songs – bollywood, hollywood, french and anything I get my hands on. Or anything which gets to my brain and my heart, more of.

So today, it is Dum Dum Punjabi version by Romy.

This song is from the recent take of Bollywood at romance and other than the shiny ending, the movie does good things to our hearts. And so does Romy – much, much more than what the movie did though. He is a fresh, really fresh change for our ears. His effortless singing does something very, how to put it, rhythmic to our heart. So rhythmic that it resonated with our heart beats and I cannot help but feel elated. This song, and Sahiba by Romy again is what I have on loop these days, for the last 6 days at least. The was he says ‘Chit lagda naa ve Jogiya.. ae moh-maaya janjaal ni‘, it’s like the happiness we feel when we say ‘Zindagi jhand hai fir bhi ghamand hai‘ and feel light instantly. Such a light hearted flow to the song, it’s like he is personally talking to us and letting off all our tensions. And the parallel – ‘baaje dil iktara naal ni‘ – it’s like there are the pains the taut strings of iktara would feel if alive, being constantly plucked at – but the rhythm and the music that is produced is out of the world and soothes all pains, for the instrument as well as for the listeners. When they say ‘Hansde ve umaraan variyaan ni’, you are ready to give it all.


There cannot be anything better, I think. That was what made Arijit Singh tick as well, I think. The effortlessness, the relatability  and the comfort of a heart-to-heart. I hope to hear more of Romy. For me atleast, ‘Dum dum ishqa goonjda, baaje dil iktara naal ni’.


P.S. I don’t even understand Punjabi. This is probably the first Punjabi song I like so much. It helps that you don’t need to understand a lot of Punjabi to get the meaning. It helps that the lyrics were kept so simple-worded. We have to thank Shellee for that. For the feels, I easily rate this 4.5/5 . Sometimes connections and relatability pays way more that awe.


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