Obsession of people with virginity – piousness/ coolness

Only a few years back, and even today, in not-so-modern society, the virginity of women was/is a sacred object. This sacredness is not an unknown scene. And what happened afterwards is also not unknown, but it is misconstrued. Or misunderstood. At least what truly happened is misunderstood, even if the heart was at all the right places.

So, what happened thereafter was this: people started protesting against the crimes done in lieu of protecting the sacred virginity (of women, needless to say). And they told everybody that only the women have rights over their own bodies. Which we understood. Alas, they didn’t. And gradually, they started judging women who keep their virginity intact till late in their life (their definition of late). Gradually, remaining a virgin started being ‘uncool’. This was the beginning of obsession of people with (losing their) virginity and making it a cult, thereby associating it with coolness.

And now, we have a divide. Like there exists for the APLs and the BPLs. Like with upper-castes and lower-castes. The cool-contemporary people and the 28-year old virgins and classes like that. And I want to coolly remind them at this: you don’t have a fucking say in that. It’s my choice. Even if I give myself a choice or not – that is my choice. Stop behaving like literate fools.

We are nothing but a bunch of ignoramus followers. But we do one thing others don’t – we associate our brainless ideas to the cult we begin to follow. Be virgin – please, everyone should be a virgin (if unmarried). Stop being a virgin – please, lose your virginity as soon as possible and diss all those who choose to do otherwise. Call them names. Make fun of them. A bunch of fucking losers, right? Yes, that is exactly what you are.

An idea: please read about the next cult you start to follow aloud. Try to understand the motive. And if it is still very difficult, go to a college. Learn. Learn like hell. And even then, don’t fucking impress your thoughts on anyone. This post is an exception to this rule. Because, it’s high time.


2 thoughts on “Obsession of people with virginity – piousness/ coolness

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    1. I know, Raven! It’s like when you want a kid to do something and you give the kid two choices. So that whichever way (s)he chooses, it’s of your calling. Pathetic and strategical.

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