What does the song make you feel? – Roke na ruke naina – Badrinath ki dulhania

At this rate, I have no idea where Arijit Singh is going to stop. When he is singing, we can feel him crying like hell. Like, roke na ruke naina. The song can be interpreted in such a various ways. ‘Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahin’ – can be someone going off, someone breaking up to never meet again, even someone dying. No wonder how such simple lyrics can be relatable to so many. And this relation is what binds this song to a place deep in our hearts. When he says ‘ishq mein kaisi ye bebasi hai’, the helplessness – the grief – the anxiety of doing nothing but watching what is happening with tied hands – because sometimes, the control is just not with you. Sometimes, the other person needs to understand your helplessness and work upon it – because these unexplainable moments are the one which make the true permanent bonds. And permanent heartaches, otherwise.


This is one such song which makes you feel the love even if you haven’t fallen in love ever. This is one such song which makes you regret having a stoic heart and makes you jealous of the lucky people having it all, yet fucking it up royally. And if you are the person who can relate to this, it makes you regret about something you might have fucked up royally. In the worst case, this song leaves you helpless about what could have beens and the messed up scenarios. And that is the worst and the best place to be in – your personal, enchanted time.


Royally in love with this song. 


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