Flying Ideas I: Interview and Interviewer

A new segment we have here! Hurray. <Not meant to be deadpanned because of the period.>

So, what brought upon this segment, I ask myself. And you are free to ask as well! Then here it is – Interviews. Tadaa. Not much of a revelation. 😛 But, not just interviews. What actually brought this upon is the flying imagination of a writer. We will see water flowing and imagine the seven seas even if the water is flowing because a glass toppled. So, this segment is for sharing that. The scale to which our imagination grows unparalleled. And unparalleled it is. No two writer has the same skills for extrapolation. They are as different as the finger prints in the world. But one thing is certain – you will enjoy the heights to which our thoughts can make castles. Welcome to one such castle.


Scene – Interview. An open office area. A glass-paned chamber for a conference room overlooking the office area. The same used as a venue for interviews.
The interviewer standing by the glass pane. Probably looking at your resume.You are guided by the HR to the room. Room opens, the interviewer turns. Asks you to join.

Accelerated brain’s working: Stopped for any questions which are to follow. If you are smitten, overdriven brain imagining this shit:


Say thank you. The brain is frozen. The interview is screwed. You are done here. And for life. You go back, realising how your current domain is not made for you. Then what is? Imagination. Let it feed you for a while. You know you can survive on it for your entire life.

Congratulations upon the new flying idea. Keep more flying in. They are the fodder. Good luck.


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