Why making fun of women is acceptable but of men is offensive.

I have wanted to write this post for some three days now. But, I couldn’t raise my interest levels as high to dis more about inequality. Frankly, now I am as bored if not more as the Canadian eye-candy Prime Minister,

And now, three days later, I am feeling the same. But, I don’t even want to let this topic just drop, because it’s the easiest for most if we just stop talking about it. So, what this topic is eventually, is some of social responsibility (that one which not includes just talking on online platforms), some of frustration venting and a lot more people analysis.


What I want to analyse about people is why it is easier and more acceptable in society to dis about women than men. Take the entire ‘Not All Men’ movement for instance. It’s a big deal if women turn accusatory towards men in general. But every time a woman is made fun of for her driving skills, it is supposed to be taken with humour because ‘it’s just a joke!’. Not much if a man is made fun of about the same. No. No no no. You cannot just come up and challenge a man’s ego by challenging his driving controls. You did not just..

Why then, is the other way round acceptable is what I don’t understand. Calling a woman ‘stupid’ is fun. Calling her ‘pretty (&) stupid’ is supposed to be the funniest joke of the year but calling a guy stupid is trying to bruise his ego and being personally offensive. What I mean is, even if not in general, the specific offences targeted at women is meant to be taken lightly but you are always supposed to think it through when you are releasing challenging statements for a guy. It’s only reasonable to be not able to get this small issue correct but say I want to get it right. Do we have a guidance?


2 thoughts on “Why making fun of women is acceptable but of men is offensive.

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  1. Yes. Sickened with all those WhatsApp jokes on women that are considered the funniest. Its said that you must take them with a pinch of salt – well, now all the salt is just raising our blood pressure.

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