How reckless is too reckless

Life is fun these days. Weird fun. But fun. Everyone is going leaps and bounds in their career. Four years post start and they are VPs, Leads and what not. And being in a company which is not so generous in terms of employee progress shows the toughest phase at this stage. Like, what were you doing all these years? What did you compromise on and what did you earn after all this time? Was it all worth it? And more so, now what? Now that so many are already a step ahead, or you are already falling behind, now what? It is at this time that your brain too chooses to leave you for you to fend for yourself like everything else and everyone else.

Now what?

Now. Now, there is only one path. Like an age old sermon, it somehow hangs over your head at this time and only at this time if you have been reckless till now – never think it’s too late. There is not wrong time to start. Similarly, there is not right time to start. Just start. Please start. But do start. Everyone invests sometime not being on their toes all the time. And people probably told you this already but realise it that it’s okay. Just, wake up when you hear the call. Because everybody passes through the day. You should pass through it at the time you would like the most. And when your heart is telling you it’s time, it is time.

Don’t let other’s success overwhelm you. Similarly, there is no need to feel bad for your position. It’s like, more or less, you will do it. Your way. There is no worth in copying what has been done. So, do it. Your way.


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