The ‘Blog-pravesh’ post – Blog title explained. ;)

Hullo extremists!


Complaints come first. Why do you sound surprised when I say I am both a John Green as well as an IPKKND fanatic? I smell extremism. That too, of an extreme kind. 😀 Now, before you question my repetitive use of ‘extremes’, lemme tell you, even Shakespeare writes ‘bestest of the best’. 😉 Now now, don’t huff and puff. I don’t intend to say I am even near to name Shakespeare the great. But the true usage of writing is when one is able to explain one’s thoughts completely and without judgement.


Lost track there. So, where were we? Yeah. I was trying to explain against the judgmental outlook to this title. So, this has almost been a stereotype that if you like classic literature, you cannot sit and watch 2 Broke Girls. But didn’t House change that? (For the record, I am talking about Dr. House.) So, being a great doctor and all, he still used to watch funny medical dramas. (Oh Reve! That is a reference to a piece of fiction! You need to drop down to real life!)


Oh, jeez! Stop being to melodramatic. What is fiction? Something climbing out of another planet? No. It’s a story of one of us, by one of us. And that one of us maybe surrounded by guilt or brimming in fantasy. That one person may be the saddest person of the world or a princess. And literature is nothing if not a vent and a refuge. It always tries to show us the beauty our eyes are shuttered to and our mind doesn’t acknowledge. That, my dear, is the reason why fondness should not be questioned. It is the one thing made to forget the world and enjoy its beauty. No matter how contradictory that sounds, let it rest.


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